About Us

Our Brand, our History

Our brand, Girona Coffee, is our pride, and it honors our heritage, which stems from a millenary region nestled in the lap of nature in the north of Catalonia. The awe-inspiring coasts and mountains have been our home for centuries, and we carry the essence of this beautiful land in our hearts.

Our coffee masters have inherited and continued a tradition that has been passed down for generations. They are the guardians of our legacy, and their passion for coffee is unparalleled. Every cup they brew is a reflection of their devotion to perfection and their commitment to preserving our heritage.

Our capsules are not just a collection of our premium blends; they are a journey through time that brings more than a hundred years of experience right to your palate. Each sip is a searing tribute to the art of roasting, a craft that has been perfected over generations. So, every time you taste our coffee, you take a sip of our history and feel the warmth of our heritage.

Map of the Mediterranean cost of 16th century

It all Started Centuries Ago

Back in the 16th Century, when vessels were moving back and forth from the Indies and the Mediterranean was ruled by the Venetians, Genovese, and Catalans, coffee and tea were already among the most highly sought-after species.

Mediterranean cities quickly perfected the ability to choose and roast the finest beans, and while the Italians were the most successful in disseminating the roasting technique around the world, the majority of the present-day European Mediterranean nations also had this skill.

The first documented coffee house in Catalonia was established in 1709 by a Frenchman named Jean de la Roque in Barcelona. Coffee became a popular drink among the Catalan bourgeoisie and intellectuals, who frequented the coffee houses to socialize and discuss politics, literature, and art.

Today, despite the fact that coffee beans are grown far from the Mediterranean, cities near the shore like Rome, Venice, Barcelona, or Athens nevertheless maintain this centuries-old tradition of having the greatest espresso coffee and the most distinctive coffee shops.

Representational painting of a café in Barcelona around 1700. - Unknown author'
Representational painting of a café in Barcelona around 1700. - Unknown author'